What did you say?
If the terror group’s objective was to sow fear and disrupt U.S. operations, then its threat is already a success. It may be the price the country has to pay for increased security.

Sara Sorcher
National Journal: Al-Qaida’s Won This Round So Far (August 6, 2013)

The terrorists’ stock in trade is creation of fear … as much the threat of violence as the act of violence itself. It’s all about getting people to respond or react in a manner that the terrorists think will be beneficial to their cause.
Bruce Hoffman
Director, Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies
National Journal: Al-Qaida’s Won This Round—So Far
Another possible reason for the paucity of gay ambassadors has to do with a different State Department tradition: treating a spouse as an unpaid employee. Nearly every career officer who obtains the title first serves as deputy chief of mission in an embassy after being handpicked by the ambassador. At an interview for one such job, I was rejected because I was divorced and had not yet remarried. The ambassador told me flat-out that he was not going to ask his wife to organize all the official entertaining (even though the post was a tropical backwater).
Dennis Jett
U.S. ambassador to Mozambique and Peru during the 1990s
July 26, 2013
WaPo: Why have there been so few openly gay ambassadors?
[W]hat we do matters. What we say matters. And when our words and actions don’t match, the credibility of the United States is at stake. I certainly think, in the context of Egypt, our promotion of democracy in the region has been severely damaged by our hesitation to call a coup a coup.

P.J. Crowley
Former State Department Spokesman
in Democracy Now: The U.S. Should Describe Morsi Ouster as a Coup


I don’t know what [FEST] is… it sounds antiquated.

Tommy Vietor, National Security Council (NSC) Spokesman to CBS News in October 2012 on a phone call that included then-Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough (now White House Chief of Staff).

Via CBS News, May 17, 2013 

They were told they were not deploying by Patrick Kennedy’s front office… In hindsight… I probably would’ve pushed the button.

An official involved in the Benghazi response on deploying FEST members (Foreign Emergency Support Team), USG’s only interagency, on-call, short-notice team poised to respond to terrorist incidents worldwide.

Via CBS News, May 17, 2013

She’d rather chew tin foil.

Said by someone who’s close to Mrs. Clinton when the White House had asked the office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if she would appear on the upcoming Sunday morning political talk shows on Sept. 13.

Via CBS News, May 17, 2013

We’re portrayed by Republicans as either being lying or idiots …It’s actually closer to us being idiots.

Quote attributed to one Obama administration official who was part of the Benghazi response. 

Via CBS News, May 17, 2013

It was not a sacrifice. It was a choice that I made. I decided to follow a path that I thought was right. And so really, I deserve no praise for it, nor do I really deserve compassion for any of the problems I might have met along the way because it was my choice.
Aung San Suu Kyi
Myanmar’s opposition leader on why she does not deserve praise for her struggles.

You can protect people where they work by building more fortified embassies. […] But how do you protect them all the time, in all places?

Anthony C. E. Quainton, a former assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security in Diplomats Pulled 2 Ways, Between High Walls and Open Doors